Welcome to the pack! The Frostbite pack is a semi-literate to literate mapless roleplay. We would like your characters to have a realistic color scheme, but unrealistic markings will be permitted as long as they aren't too obvious. 

If you are joining, please take a look at the Rules and Ranks page before starting in the roleplay. After that, you may want to post on the introductions topic in the forum, then make a bio for your character. 

The current Alphas are:

Angelatorchic (Suki): The Alpha female. She is the group creator and is in charge of all things the pack does. She can only be online Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, however. During the week, please ask Angelgirl1134 to join, and you will be admitted into the group as soon as possible.

HwolingWolf52 (Aron): The Alpha male. He is also responsible for the pack and is in charge during the week when the Alpha Female can't get online.